1. Hesteyri – Day tour from Bolungarvík to Hesteyri, oldest abandoned village in Iceland
  2. Hornstrandir – Nature Reseve – The biggest and most untutched beutiful Nature.
    The Westfjords are wild, sure – but Hornstrandir is where wild becomes all-out wilderness. Since 1975, this rocky northern outpost of tundra, glacier, crag and cliff has been protected as a nature reserve, and it’s the best place in the Westfjords – if not all of Iceland – to experience what the island was like before the first Viking settlers arrived. The area’s pristine rivers, clifftops, beaches, mountains, and fjords are strictly protected and patrolled by rangers, and the only camping allowed is at designated campgrounds (there’s also a mandatory requirement to pack out all rubbish). Unsurprisingly, there are adventures galore here from hiking and climbing to whale watching: Hornstrandirtours.is will take you there. If you’re fortunate, you might even spy an Arctic fox: Hornstrandir is one of the only places where it’s possible to spot Iceland’s only native mammal.
  3. Bolafjall – Drive to the top og the mountain and see The Best View you have seen
  4. Ósvör – Maritime Museum in Bolungarvík, history of fishing and living
  5. Skálavík – The most beutiful sunset you have ever seen
  6. Dynjandi Waterfall– Most beutiful waterfall in the Westfjords
  7. Látrabjarg – Europe’s biggest and highest birdwatching cliffs. These cliffs are home to millions of seabirds, with razorbills, guillemots, gulls, fulmar, and hundreds of thousands of puffins (between May and September).
  8. Faktorshúsið – The best fish restaurant ever, come and try
  9. Rauðisandur Beach
  10. Vigur