HornstrandirTours.is is owned and managed by Hauks Vagnsson, manager and Captain. Haukur is the son of couple Birna Hjaltalín Pálsdóttir, owner and host at The Old Doctors House in Hesteyri, and captain Vagn Margeir Hrólfsson, who was born in Hesteyri. Haukur’s family owns two houses in Hesteyri, The Old Doctors House and the School, where they have enjoyed summer holidays every year for the past half century. That’s why Haukur’s roots lie there.

Haukur started sailing in 2012 on his ferry named Hesteyri ÍS 95, which he specially designed for passenger transport. Previously, he had transported tourists and other guests with his father since the age of six or since 1973. Haukur therefore knows the area very well and has a lot of experience sailing around Hornstrandir.

Hauks Vagnsson’s HornstrandirTours departs from Bolungarvík. You board the boat from the passenger pier at Lækjarbryggja, which is located directly below the Olís store and Einarshús.

One of the main reasons HornstrandirTours sails from Bolungarvík is the fact that it is the shortest, fastest and cheapest way to sail to Hornstrandir. The sailing route can be up to a third shorter from Bolungarvík than from e.g. Isafjordur.

Hauks Vagnsson’s trips to Hornstrandir
415 Bolungarvík
Phone +354 862-2221
Email: haukur@hornstrandaferdir.is