To book a trip with Hesteyri ÍS, click on the destination or the “Book” button at the back of the table.

  • HornstrandirTours offers daily scheduled trips to the Hornstrandir nature reserve from 1 June to the end of August.
  • Our passenger boat, Hesteyri ÍS 95 is a fast fiberglass boat that can carry 24 passengers and is an exceptionally good seaboat.
  • Below is our sailing schedule which shows departure time from Bolungarvík. Departure times from other places are stated when booking.
  • Please contact us if you are looking for a special trip for your group or can not find the destination you are looking for.
 Destination  Price  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday Saturday  Sunday  Book Now!
 Hesteyri  10.900  9:30 & 17:00  9:30 & 17:00    9:30 & 17:00  17:00  9:30 & 17:00  17:00  Book
 Slétta  10.900  9:30  17:00        9:30    Book
 Grunnavík  10.900    9:30          17:00  Book
 Veiðileysufj.  12.900    9:30    17:00      17:00  Book
 Lónafjörður  13.900    9:30            Book
 Hrafnfjörður  15.900    9:30            Book
 Flæðareyri  12.900    9:30            Book
 Höfðaströnd  12.900    9:30            Book
 Jö  17.900    9:30            Book
 Aðalvík  11.900      9:30    9:30      Book
 Fljótavík  13.900      9:30          Book
Hlöðuvík  15.900      9:30          Book
Hornvík  16.900      9:30          Book

All prices above are for one way, not return.
Normal luggage is considered to be one (1) backpack per person, approximately 20 kg. We charge a fee for extra luggage, ie. if the luggage exceeds what can be considered normal.
If traveling with accessories, e.g. kayaks, heavy camera equipment or other heavy or bulky equipment or products, we charge a surcharge.
We collect ISK 4,000 for each extra 20 kg. unit.
A fixed price can be negotiated for additional transport in advance.
Surcharge for a dog is ISK 4,000. Those who travel with dogs should preferably have them in a cage. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the passenger compartment due to the risk of allergies in passengers. Those who have dogs with them need to carefully read the rules about dogs in the nature reserve.

If the boat is rented on a special trip, the customer can arrange a sightseeing cruise or whale watching, for example, or request that the boat wait for him at his destination.
Price for waiting is ISK 33,000 per hour. Please contact us for more information or offers.
Children up to the age of 4 travel with us for free, 4 to 12 year olds get a 50% discount.
Senior citizens receive a 10% discount.
Hesteyri ÍS 95 sails from Lækjabryggja in Bolungarvík.
Passengers must arrive on time, at least 30 minutes before departure.